Probably it’s going to be the hottest summer day,
My sun effaces the last night shudder of fever,
Tattering the fear of last night dream;
A nightmare,like my everyday’s despair.

My road is dazzling & trembling,
Like this weary dog’s tongue;seated beside me.
And my footpath’s red bricks are burning golden;
As the only 10 taka note in my metal can.

Cars are ceased on my doggy tongued road,
But sweat bubbles are dripping slowly,
From my pitch black upper lip;these never ceased long;
Like the birds;and like my mother;wandering all day and night.

There aren’t much clouds in the sky now,
Hope it’ll turn into a starry night today,
Those will engender new tales again,
Flipping the page of last starry night talkies,
Forgetting me my hunger,and about the last nightmare;
Till my mother comes back.

Its surely going to be the hottest summer day.
And I like this salty sweaty taste on my lip,
Than tasteless rainy damnation from a off-book sky. 

Abhijeet Sarkar
Studying in Civil engineering.I write in my spare times.