I figured myself blue in one dawn gold,
My tongue tasted tart but felt apart
The more the sunshine became bold,
The more my blood got cold,
And my brain sought blood like a bloody  monster.

Like the bright but blur visual behind the curtain,
I felt a black lusty shadow,behind my heart,got risen.
And as the poisonous human crowd went louder outside,
Room filled by the tart air,same as my tongue felt inside.

I felt cautious like a snake as I inhaled my foes’ breathe,
And the pigeon inside my heart,killed by the growing snake.
The massacre ended,blood flooded inside,no sign of wreathe.
And now my cautious poisoned  brain don’t know -
what to create  and what to break.
Abhijeet Sarkar
Studying in Civil engineering.I write in my spare times.